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Are you finding that movements that were once simple – bending to tie your shoe laces, getting up from the floor or out of a chair, turning to look behind you – are becoming difficult?  

Many of us accept and expect movement and cognitive limitations because we assume this is the natural process of aging. However, science has shown us that  the brain is capable of producing new neural connections at any age in a process called “neuroplasticity”, which can reverse the typical signs and symptoms of aging.


While exercise at any age is important for our health, most exercise regimes are repetitive and do not provide enough variation of movement to optimize brain health. NeuroMovement® uses movement patterns that are new and unfamiliar to activate brain neuroplasticity. You can re-learn how to move more easily and gracefully, and the gentle and mindful approach is perfect if you are suffering from age-related challenges.


Learn more about group classes or private, one on one sessions.


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