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Watch a group of children move. Children explore their world through movement. You will notice that each individual child uses a tremendous variety of movement, even when performing simple tasks such as standing up from the floor. By contrast, the habitual movement patterns of adults are much less varied, and this can eventually lead to chronic pain and mobility issues as we age.


A Transformational Movement Lesson (TML) is a group class that guide you through a sequence of interesting, fun and exploratory movements. There are over 500 TMLs incorporating thinking, sensing, moving, and visualizing, which generally become more complex as the lessons progress. Unlike traditional gym classes that use multiple repetitions of the same movement to build strength and endurance, TMLs use a rich variety of movement, similar to the way children move. You are encouraged to move slowly and deliberately, while focusing on your movement, sensations, and experience. TMLs tie directly into the functional movements of daily life, such as turning to look over your shoulder, bending down, or moving from sitting to standing. Changing ingrained movement patterns requires you to be engaged, and TMLs tap into your inner awareness to develop this focused engagement. This results in the creation of new movement patterns that allow your body to perform better and overcome limitations. As with other mindfulness exercises, you can expect to feel a sense of calmness and well-being at the end of a lesson.


Classes are approximately 45 to 60 minutes long.

"It is better to try to move to a point in space in 100 different speeds in 100 different ways  … than to move 200 times in the same way to get to that point in space."

Dr. Michael Merzenich, PhD,  PhD, professor emeritus neuroscientist at the University of California, San Francisco

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