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NeuroMovement® is now endorsed by many leading scientists, including:

Michael Merzenich, PhD, professor emeritus neuroscientist at the University of California, San Francisco.

Watch Michael talk about NeuroMovement® during the launch of his new book "Soft wired. How the new science of brain plasticity can change your life."  (24 minutes)

Jill Bolte-Taylor, PhD, a neuroanatomist and the author of My Stroke of Insight. Jill has completed much of the ABM NeurorMovement practitioner training.

Watch to a short clip of Jill talking about NeuroMovement.

Martha Herbert, PhD, MD, a Harvard-based pediatric neurologist and the author of "The Autism Revolution". Martha is also a Certified ABM NeuroMovement Practitioner.

Listen to Anat Baniel interview Martha Herbert in the NeuroMovement Revolution podcast (1 hour 9 minutes) 

Learn more about Martha:

Norman Doidge, MD, author of "The Brain That Changes Itself" and "The Brain's Way of Healing". In his first book there is a chapter dedicated to Anat and her work with Elizabeth under the guidance of Moshe Feldenkrain. Elizabeth was born with only half her brain but defied the grim prognosis of medical professionals at that time. Elizabeth went on to walk, talk, and go to college, receiving two Masters Degrees.

Elizabeth Torres. PhD, professsor, Rutgers University of Arts and Sciences. Elizabeth's  research covers sensory-motor learning in people who have Parkinson's, people who have suffered strokes and  in children who suffer from autism and other developmental disabilities. Learn more:


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