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Most athletes focus on strength and increasing their power when they train but one area that is often overlooked is balance and proprioception. Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of body parts and the strength and effort being used in movement. Basically, you inherently know where your body is and how it's moving. Everyone has the skill. However, some are better at it, and this can have dramatic effects on sports performance because it plays a critical role in controlling your joints and muscles during movement. With better balance and proprioception, you are able to keep control of your body by understanding where it is in space which is important for virtually everything you do in sport or in the gym; this ultimately enables you to perform with more power and strength, because you won't waste energy on unnecessary movements. It also helps prevent inury, often a common side effect of overtraining.

Mounting evidence also demonstrates that when we challenge our proprioceptive system, we see major improvements in executive function, working memory, and psychological health.

Proprioceptively demanding activities that challenge us in novel situations, rather than the rote movements of traditional cardio and strength training exercise, provide a greater challenge to use your brain and lay down new neural connections.


NeuroMovement provides the brain with the information it needs to lay down new neural pathways to improve body awareness and proprioception. Though the use of subtle, gentle and innovative movement patterns, you can really attend to and feel how your body moving in space.


If you’re an athlete serious about wanting to improve your performance both physically and mentally, compliment your training regime with NeuroMovement.

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